Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Coffee Time Romance Interview with I.B. Nosey, Part 1

NOSEY: Greetings, cybernuts! This is I.B. Nosey, your official unofficial reporter. I’m on my way to an important interview at ‘The Swiners Circus Ham-It-Up Convention’ and… *sniffs air* What’s that I smell? *turns to view area*Athla Leet’s Locker Room’? Hm. *swings around like weathervane* My Nosey nose is always on the scent, and— ah, ha! That fresh just brewed aroma is coming from—

*Store door opens and woman pokes head out. Waves and calls* Hey, Mr. Big Nose. Over here!

*Second woman joins* Yo, fella! Move yourself this way.

NOSEY: You ladies want me? *chuckles* Always happy to oblige the fans. *strolls over and both women seize Nosey’s collar and drag him inside*

NOSEY: Whoa! Not so rough!

*Women plop Nosey in chair and call to other females who gather around* Look, everybody! Karenne, our first customer of the day!

*Beautiful woman approaches* That’s a customer? *frowns and shakes head* What’s he wearing on his face? That bathroom plunger better be clean.

NOSEY: *quickly wipes nose with hanky* Of course it’s— Hey, wait a minute. What’s going on? All I did was smell the coffee and you forced me in here.

KARENNE: You weren’t forced. You were invited - in a persuasive manner. *gestures at store’s interior* This is our Coffee Time Romance Shop. And they’re the coffee crew. *nods at circle of women*

WOMAN: He’s carrying a microphone. Will we be on television?

NOSEY: I interview for cyberspace.

KARENNE: Interview? *snaps fingers* That’d make a great promo op for us. Interview away, Mr. Plunger.

NOSEY: *snarls* The name’s I.B. Nosey.

HOLLIE: And I be Hollie. Enjoy some of our coffee. *sets cup in front of Nosey* Talk to us.

NOSEY: *makes attempt to rise* Sorry, I’m already scheduled for—

KARENNE: What’s your hurry? Here, have some chocolate with your coffee. *drops wrapped chunk next to Nosey’s cup*

NOSEY: I only eat the very finest which comes from Gum Drop Island, you know.

*Karenne and Hollie share glance*

KARENNE: Er, sure. Doesn’t everyone?

NOSEY: Well, guess I could stay for a minute, heh heh. *sits back down*

DANIELLE: I’m Danielle. *sits across from Nosey* Did you know we’re having a ten year anniversary come April?

NOSEY: Is that right?

KARENNE: It’s sure not wrong, mister. And we want to invite the public. You can do that with this gizmo, can’t you?

NOSEY: It’s called a microphone.

DANIELLE: Doesn’t look like a phone.

HOLLIE: It’s not micro, either.

NOSEY: I’m a professional. Trust me when I say I know what it’s called.

KARENNE: Looks like you’re got it upside down.

NOSEY: No, I— *clears throat and flips microphone around* So, uh, what’s happening for the anniversary? Planning a trip?

DANIELLE:  A lot of things we do at Coffee Time is a mystery and we rarely divulge our secrets. Having said that, we hardly ever leave. Why would we want to? With the delicious chocolate and fabulous toys, it has to be something special for us to stay away at all. But when we do leave, somehow we get magically transported back. Some say it's the sling-shot effect from our straight jackets that transport us, but most likely, it's the special coffee reserved strictly for the Mistress. It's powerful stuff.

NOSEY: Yeah? *glances at coffee, then pushes cup away* Which one of you is this ‘Mistress’?

KARENNE: I guess that’s me.

NOSEY: Tell me about yourself. *shoves microphone in her face*

KARENNE: Well. *coughs and steps back* We started out as a bunch of friends and family who all had a love of books. We decided to start a yahoo group so we could all keep up with the new releases and re-releases so we didn’t miss any goodies. We’ve grown and expanded when we find new things or authors/readers ask for something new. Plus, it’s just fun!

NOSEY: Uh huh. What else?

KARENNE: I have to say more?

NOSEY: No. Say something besides ‘more’.

KARENNE: Um… I’m not an author. The only thing I can write is a ‘thank you’ note. I’m the mother of two and soon to have a daughter-in-law which has me so excited! I’m a stay-at-home, home school mom, and I volunteer for anything.

NOSEY: Volunteer, huh? Didn’t you volunteer to cater at my Pukelitzer Award dinner?

KARENNE: *brow puckers in thought* Sounds familiar. I believe we did. Why do you ask?

NOSEY: I’m not I.B. Nosey for nothing. I sniff out the news! And you all… *points accusing finger at entire group* balked at serving coffee and chocolates that night simply because Heathcliff the Possum made the opening congratulatory speech.


HOLLIE: Are you kidding? Volunteering our coffee and chocolates are a daily delight for us. I'm thinking you need to take this up with Heathcliff because when we showed up with our fabulous coffee and chocolates in tow, Heathcliff was...well, playing possum. If I were you, I’d check his room.  

NOSEY: I did. He wasn’t there.

DANIELLE: I heard him mumble something about, ‘An award for Nosey?’ and he collapsed to the floor in a spasm of laughter. *looks at Hollie* Is that when we found him and thought he needed 911?

HOLLIE: *nods* But while we were distracted our coffee and chocolates got stolen. And why not? After all, they’re decadent and delicious. The next thing we knew, Heathcliff was nowhere to be found.

NOSEY: *stares, mouth drops open*

KARENNE: You haven’t tasted your piece of chocolate. *rams candy in Nosey’s mouth* Chew away, buddy.

NOSEY: *makes face* This can’t be Gum Drop Island candy.

KARENNE: Why do you say that?

NOSEY: All of a sudden things have gone dark…*sways and collapses against top of table. Loud snores fill room*

DANIELLE: Karenne! *picks up candy wrapper and reads label* You fed him ‘Dipsy-Doodle Snores ‘n Roars’.

HOLLIE: *claps hands over ears* And his snores really are roars!

KARENNE: Darn! I wanted him to get a move on and thought I gave him ‘Zippidy Do-Dah Warp Speed’.

HOLLIE: You know how potent that cheap ‘Dollar Hollar’ candy is. Now he’ll sleep till the cow jumps over the moon. Followed by the sheep, the wolf, and the plate and the spoon.

DANIELLE: *giggles* I didn’t know you were a poet.

HOLLIE: *rolls eyes* C’mon, girls, we need to wake him up or we’ll never get our interview. Maybe he carries an anti-Dollar Hollar in one of his pockets.

KARENNE: Great idea. Let’s hurry. *searches through Nosey’s pockets and pulls out folded sheet of paper*

HOLLIE: What does that say? *snatches note, opens it to read, then shrieks* Oh, no! Noooo!

DANIELLE: What is it? *grabs note, then screams*

KARENNE: What? *looks from one to the other* What was found in his pocket? *rips note from Danielle’s fingers, reads, then cries out* Aacckkk!




Check in with the Coffee Time Crew!


I.B. Nosey said...

Greetings, cyberworld!

This is I.B. Nosey, your official unofficial reporter reporting that an exciting contest is going on with this interview. The Coffee Time Crew is holding a contest. Oh, I just said that. Ahem. Anyway, yes, they are, and the prize is something that's Nosey and Gum Drop Island approved. Boy, is it good. Man, is it yummy. And delicious for your tummy. have to wait until next week-- that's right, the rules and the prize will be revealed NEXT week at Part 2 of this interview.
It's a fun rule, though, so don't be worried. Fun always rules at Feeling Nosey? heh heh.

However, to be eligible, you MUST comment at both interviews.

So tell your friends, tell your doggies, tell your enemies, just TELL everyone to join the Coffee Time Romance Contest. After all, isn't everyone Feeling Nosey enough to do just that?

Gail Pallotta said...

How nice to find some of my favorite people talking to Nosey and to find a new place to shop. I can't wait to go to the Dollar Hollar.

Congratulations on the upcoming wedding, Karenne.

Thanks to all of you for the great site, Coffee Time Romance.

Diane Craver said...

Waving to Karenne! And Hollie and Danielle!

What a fun interview! I loved hearing how you started your great Coffee Time Romance for authors and readers! It's an awesome site. Thanks for all your hard work, ladies!

Karenne,Congratulations on the new daughter-in-law and how exciting about the upcoming wedding!

Christopher Hudson said...

If I win, will I be able to retire?

I.B. Nosey said...

Greetings, Ms. Pallotta!

Yes, Coffee Time is a great site. Why is it called "romance" when no romance is happening for this cyberspace reporter!

I.B. Nosey said...

Greetings, Diane Craver! You're right. The crew works hard for all of that coffee, don't they?

Thanks for stopping by!

I.B. Nosey said...

Heh heh, Christopher Hudson, retire? Without you, Headwind would be nothing but Downwind!

Beth said...

Oh no! I have to wait a whole week to find out what was in his pocket? I think I'm going to need coffee and chocolate.

Laurean Brooks said...

Good to see you ladies--Karenne, Holly, and Danielle. I know this will be an exciting interview.

Somebody. please wake up I.B. Nosey--pinch his plunger nose--or at least read that note you pulled from his pocket. I can't stand the suspense.

Could the message be a clue to where the Gum Drop Island chocolates are hidden?

Do I REALLY have to wait until next week to find out?

Lynn Lovegreen said...

Can't wait to see what the note says! Fun interview as usual :-)

ceblain said...

A truly fun posting and I am sure that I know both I B Nosey's sister, brother, brother in law, sister in law and all the cousins. I am sure of it.

Will be a fun time and sweet too if I were ever lucky enough to become the recipient of Sees Candy!!! What a day that would be when it was delivered. Ummm.

Keep up the great work ladies.

Take care,


E.L. F. said...

A very punny interview. Thanks for a chuckle!

bibbiesparks said...

I just love the interview and can't wait for next week

Beth C said...

Yes, Karenne- Congrats on the soon to be daughter in law! That is exciting.
I'm not sure I want to know what is in nosey's pocket if it is anything like the stuff I found in my son's pockets sometimes! :) But something yummy? Count me in!

katsrus said...

What a fun interview! Can't wait to see what next week brings.
Sue B

Joanne Stewart said...

What a fun interview! Can't wait to see what the note says!

I.B. Nosey said...

Greetings, late-comers! Glad to have you, and good to know there're others out there in Cyber Land who are Feeling Nosey, heh heh.

Renald said...

What is in the note? Nosey. Deb P

Catherine Lee said...

Punny! I am NOT going to tell my enemies. I got no doggies. BUT, I will tell my friends. And I'm sure they'll be terribly confused and start to wonder about me.

168d7130-34d4-11e2-91ad-000bcdcb5194 said...

Ah, the tables have turned... very entertaining!

vitajex@aol dot com

Eva said...

Thanks for a great, funny interview! Waiting for next week and more :)

Kai said...

Great interview and also great prizes. Thanks


Quilt Lady said...

Great post and interview, very cute. I think I need coffee and chocolate now. Thanks for the great giveaway.

quiltlady110 AT gmail DOT com

Dee O said...

How funny! Good interview. Where's the chocolate?

Larry Hammersley said...

I.B. It is good to see you capture the nice ladies from Coffee Time Romance. My Indiana Jones hat is off to you and also for Coffee Time Romance. They scheduled a chat for me some time ago and that resulted in a lurker from Champagne Books that led to a contract for my science fiction novel.

Diane O'Key said...

Love what you do on this site--and great graphics, giveaways--not to mention reviews and smiles. Well done!

sue Leech said...

A diamond is in his pocket. Sue Leech

J Q Rose said...

Scooting in here late. Hope not too late to tell I B he's doing a great job with the interview, er, well, wait a minute, he's sleeping. He's quiet. Aha, that's why I liked it so much!! I loved meeting the CTR ladies in person, kind of, and discovering their back story. Keeping us in suspense til next week, eh? Okay, I'll be back. Will I B be awake? Will you pass out Gum Drop Island chocolates?? What is the prize? Edge of the seat stuff here, MM.

I.B. Nosey said...

Greetings, cyber commenters! Welcome to Feeling Nosey, and keep on feeling nosey until next week. Heh heh.

traveler said...

Great interview and feature. Wishing you the best of success and adventures. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

Sandra Bartles said...

The background was so dark I couldn't read it! Sorry!

Mona said...

Amusing interview :) I'm a SAHM and homeschooling mom too. I'm not a blogger even though hubby keeps bugging me to start one. Too lazy though -- I'm intimidated by the time and effort commitment.

Karenne -- congrats on getting a DIL. I just became an aunt. My niece is 2 weeks old today.

Connie said...

What a fun site! I love Mr. Nosey. He's a hoot.

What's better than coffee and chocolates? Ahhhh---Yum!

clynsg said...

When you say to leave some identification, never certain if just my screen name will direct to the Google info, or if more is needed.

Kimberley said...

Thanks for the contest..can't wait to see who wins!

Carol L. said...

Great interview. Since I started this backwards and read Interview # 2 first I already know what the note said. :) But Congrats on the upcoming 10 year anniversary. What a great way this all started. Thank you for that because it's an awesome site and you all do such a tremendous job.
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

Carol Burnside aka Annie Rayburn said...

What a hoot! I'm off to read the second installment...

areana senoj said...

*CTFU* Nosey, you are a hoot and a holler Love you to death. Cant wait for more

Solera Winters said...

Cute idea. Love Nosey, and learning a bit about the crew.

Moon_Pie said...

funny interview, I just love coffee time romance, and coffee also!

Moon_Pie said...

thanks for the laughs!

Solera Winters said...

I hope this isn't a double post, but I just wanted to double check. This was a fun idea to learn a bit more about the Coffee Time crew. :)
Disregard if my earlier post went through.