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Thursday, April 12, 2018

I.B. Nosey Makes Time With....'The Timekeeper'! Bwahahahahaha

NOSEY: Greetings, cybernuts! This is I.B. Nosey, your official unofficial reporter. Today I have an important announcement from Miss Mae. She can't make it to my Nosey Pukelitzer News office because she's like, sitting at her desk and doing something important like -- oh, I dunno -- daydreaming. Sheesh, she claims that's what writers do.

So here I am, doing my job, which, er, wait a sec... *checks notes* Oh, yeah. Heh heh. *clears throat* Let's see, she wants to offer her mini-read, The Timekeeper, as a gift to Feeling Nosey? readers for FREE! You heard my hunky Nosey voice right, you nosiest-of-em-all-folks -- FREE. That's F - R!

Yep, it's yours to grab for the whole month of April. Uh huh. Except -- well, there is one itty bitty teensy weesy little catch, heh heh. What is it? Just an important detail -- She wants ya to leave a review!

How hard can that be, right? Especially as some cool people already have this to say:

"...This short read will make your skin prickle, send tingles down your spine, and give you a phobia of grandfather clocks..."

"...Miss Mae is a wizard at creating the suspense and scary factor..."

"...What starts off as an intriguing tale about well off bargain hunters, develops into something more ominous..."

 "...In search of the one item you've always dreamed of? Then Mr. Mortimer's Antique Store is the place to go. He's sure to have what you're looking for. How he gets it now--well, let's just say he takes inventory procurement to a new level...."

Whoa, readers! You intrigued yet? Then go, grab, read, review! Hey, it's a mini-read. Only takes a couple of minutes. So whadda ya waitin' on???

Sorry, not offered free at Kindle, but at SW you can download the Kindle version. Also available at Barnes & Noble, Apple/iTunes, Kobo. 

(graphic courtesy of Carter Novels Promotion)

Sunday, April 1, 2018

I.B. Nosey and Miss Mae Make Important Announcement!

NOSEY: Greeting, cybernuts! This is I.B. Nosey, your official unofficial reporter! Today my creator Miss Mae is joining me to inform you of an important announcement. Yeah. So, like, listen up because this is an announcement. And it's important. And it's from Miss Mae. So, like, umm....Miss Mae, you wanna come in now?

MM: Thank you, Nosey, yes I would. Dear readers of this Pukelitzer Award winning Feeling Nosey? blog, after a lot of thought and frustration I've come to a decision. I hope you'll bear with me as I explain what brought me here.

When I first entered cyberspace some... *cough*.... years ago, what I read was that authors HAD to blog. If you wanted any visibility then you MUST blog. That was it. Grab a blog. Write. Period.

And then came along this idea of MUST have a newsletter. I mean, more or less you weren't considered a "real" author unless you had a newsletter. And then, you needed a following. After all, why bother with a newsletter if you didn't have followers to read the thing?

I learned that blogging could be fun if you wrote things that genuinely interested you. After some time, I decided that I enjoyed Nosey's blog more than my own, so -at this point, defying the "must" of having my own author blog- I deleted the Miss Mae one.

But then... along came Facebook and Twitter. The fever caught on and readers flocked there for the instant satisfaction of getting the information they sought. I don't blame them. Hey, I enjoy Facebook and Twitter too.

Here's my frustration - despite all that I've read I've come to the conclusion that blogging is not THE magnet once proclaimed. We authors still blog but 9 times out 10 all I've found is that those who are the 'guests' are other authors. I must say, we authors have a fantastic sister/brotherhood and we support one another 100%. But....rarely, do I see what I consider a reader to be one of those who comment.

Now, regarding newsletters. I find writing a newsletter is difficult. What is a darned newsletter, anyway? News about what, exactly? My books? That's how I see it, and since "shouting out my accomplishments" seems to be patting myself on the back...well, I cringe. I'd rather someone else shout the praise if I deserve any.

I'm not alone in this, either. Author April Brown says: " I remember when blogging was the thing that authors had to do.  It was annoying.  And it meant so many extra emails (kinda like newsletters), or going through a list to see who had updated every single day.  It was a lot of work for authors and readers. Searching blogs was never easy either.  I don't really think newsletters are the wave of the future.  They are lots of extra work for readers and writers.  Hours for every single one of them. They aren't searchable. As well as, readers (and writers) can't go to one place to easily update on everyone they wanted to hear from. ...How the different legal regulations affect the ability to send and receive them." 

Truthfully, a newsletter isn't something I enjoy doing. Therefore, I'm giving them up. Besides, not all that I send out are opened and MailChimp will penalize if too many subscribers drop off, or if you have too many unopens. Also, Gmail always sends the NL to the 'Promotion' folder and people rarely find it. I mean, really. Who looks there?

But I do love this Feeling Nosey? blog. Instead of raving about MY books, I can gush on my fun and incompetent (but always professional -ahem) cyberspace journalist.

So what does all this mean? It's this...I love and appreciate those who've signed up for my newsletter. Thank you very much for that. But since I no longer will be writing those, here's what I want to do - I want to make this blog, Feeling Nosey?, serve as my newsletter.

How will I do that?

Well, see this "subscribe" button to the left? 

Feedburner delivers postings from this blog straight to your inbox, unlike a NL that goes to that annoying 'Promotions' folder in Gmail. Those who've signed up for the newsletter I'll add your address to this subscription list. You'll receive a confirmation email to make sure you wish to continue. I hope you'll click that, because I sure do want to keep you!

But that does mean you'll also receive every post that's made here. True, they're mostly Nosey related but I will, from time to time, write as Miss Mae with my own "newsy" business -- just like this posting.

The pop-ups will remain, just to let newer folks know when they come to visit.

I'm curious, though... are there other authors besides April Brown and myself who feel this way? Hope you'll want to share your feelings. :)

And readers of my NLs, thank you for your continued support. I couldn't go on without you!

So, like...who else joins Miss Mae in these deep, deep reflections?