NOSEY BIO: Loud, brass, and tastelessly attired, I.B. Nosey is famed for his exuberant “Greetings, cybernuts! This is I.B. Nosey, your official unofficial reporter!” He seeks answers to the kind of probing questions no accredited journalist would deem intelligent, let alone newsworthy enough, to ask. Fleet of foot, wide of mouth, and fluent of tongue-in-cheek, I.B. Nosey’s unique interviewing style is comparable to none.

Winner of the Pukelitzer Award. Spokesman for Gum Drop Island’s confectionary plantation. Featured in InD’Tale magazine and The Woven Tale Press.


Announcing Reviews!

Reviewer Val Pearson gives FIVE Stars to Ahoy Gum Drop!:

"Introducing .... I.B. NOSEY!!!! What a simply fascinating character I.B. Nosey is. Ahoy Gum Drop isn't your typical children's storybook. Children's minds will be stimulated through larger vocabulary words which makes it not just a story book but an educational book that lets them have fun while learning. Readers and listeners alike will find each character more quirky and zany than the one before. Join the trials and tribulations of characters such as Yuri, Cuddles, Speck, Spang, Heathcliff, Moose and a host of others in their magically enchanting world that is sure to leave readers giggling constantly..."

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Reader Karen E. Garcia gives FIVE Stars to Ahoy Gum Drop!:

"I am glad I won a free copy of this book in a goodreads contest. The book is styled by breaking the 4th wall meaning the characters in the story are aware they are characters in a book and a person is reading their adventure. This made for constant smiles and giggles throughout the story. After reading this book by M.M, even I wanted to visit Gum Drop Island and be friends with the characters who by the way are an interesting, and fun bunch...."

Read her entire review at GoodReads


Laurean Brooks gives FIVE Stars to Ahoy Gum Drop!:

"...I enjoyed every moment of this delightful tale. M.M's. clever lines and life-like characters make you feel like you are part of the adventure. She pulled me into the story from the first page. I stayed intrigued until the finish. You will chuckle one minute, gasp the next. Just as your heart races sending a shiver down your spine, one of the characters will spit out a witty line and send you into hysterics...."

Read her whole review at Amazon.


Roseanne Dowell - FIVE Stars!

"Full of curious characters, mysteries, and amusing antics...A tale for all ages...

Read more here at Amazon.



"...This creative tale will indulge the reader into a "sweet" place as the heroine meets the locals & they begin their adventures together..." 

Link at Amazon here.


Janet Glaser - FIVE STARS!

"There is no end to Miss Mae's imagination. Her very special Gum Drop Island and its cleverly written characters lets the reader escape into a fantastic world. The play on words and the zany situations will keep you reading and very entertained..."


Inishowen Cailin - FIVE STARS

"A quirky, fun story, jam packed with humorous scenes and fantastic characters. I loved the imagery and the play on words. This type of story was a complete departure from my usual reading habits but its light hearted appeal means it can be enjoyed by anyone, young and old alike..."
  Link at her site: Just Book Talk

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William Earl Amis Jr III said...

I must say Val Person, was not known to my circle in Boston, MA. I have been catching up with children's books.

My weekly reading to our little worriers in the library. This, is what leads me to find out who Val was.

I feel rewarded to get here and discover her talents. Thank you for allow this reader clarity on how her imagination is enlightening.