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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Nosey Brings You the News -- about Coffee!

Greetings, cybernuts! This is I.B. Nosey, your official unofficial reporter. Today I'm here to bring you the nosy news you always wanted to know, but wasn't nosy enough to ask. Never fear. I.B. Nosey and his nosy microphone to the rescue, heh heh.

Chef at Gum Drop Island, Wrap Periwinkle, has created a new island drink, a combination of coffee and --what else-- chocolate! You'll love choffee, especially as it's non-fattening and non-real, as in only virtual Heh heh.

But for you coffee lovers, did you know there's some crazy facts about coffee? Yes, your intrepid internet reporter has braved the infested newsy waters to bring you things you never ever thought about.

Don't thank me. I'm just clever that way. Heh heh.

Be sure to check out this link.

And now you know the Nosey about your coffee.

Come join me at the Hi-Octane Caffeine Coffee Shop for more fun stupid stuff, and things you care absolutely nothing about. But, hey, aren't you Feeling Nosey anyway?


klahanie said...

Hey I.B. Nosey!

I'm sitting here, sort of, after one too many cups of coffee. Now my eyebrows are stuck to the top of my forehead! Did you know that British coffee makes for a great laxative? Maybe you didn't want to know that....

I'm zipping outta' here....

Gary :)

J Q Rose said...

Hey, my mom always boiled a strong cup of coffee--probably not British, to get her guts moving again.